Apollo Complex

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Drawing inspiration from a multitude of styles, Apollo Complex embraces improvisation as the principle element to any piece they play. Whether it’s a funky groove, a ripping rock tune, or an original instrumental composition, this four-piece collective of close friends explore beyond the boundaries of music through their sense of musical communication and connection with each other. Blending a large variety of influences from artists like Miles Davis, Phish, Herbie Hancock, Led Zeppelin, the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles, the band rocks a sound like no other around. With a heavy focus on original content and authenticity, Apollo Complex plays with a sense of fluidity and freedom. Hypnotizing guitar licks, groovy bass lines, jazzy piano, and funky drumming showcases the group’s ability to unite diverse sounds together as one. Twin brothers, Zachary Baum (guitar and vocals), Jackson Baum (keyboards and vocals), and Eddie Rohosy (drums), offer music fans a fresh and exciting live performance. Without a doubt, Apollo Complex has an exciting future ahead of them, and you can say you saw them here first.