Flow Malley

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Sounding more experienced than his 24 years suggest, Flo Malley is an old soul barely contained in the body of a young, energetic and captivating groover. Bouncing to the vibrations of his own poignant and intimate collection of tunes – rock, soul, reggae, it’s all here – Flo bends all the rules, Heaven-bent on igniting his own magical chemistry between different genres. Sexual, spiritual and completely surprising, Flo is in a universe all on his own, and for his exclusive Rootstock performance, he will lay his soul and personality bare on the acoustic stage. Inspired by legions of various idols, from Marvin Gaye, James Brown and Bob Marley to the Rolling Stones and the Stooges, Flo’s sultry, seductive and unique voice (think Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker) is to be consumed without moderation. It’s best to just surrender and give in to his charms! Rising to national recognition in 2013 on The Voice (France), where his voice was praised for his passion and dynamism, Flo is set to make even more of an impact in 2017 with his debut EP. So, make sure you don’t miss his spectacular set on Rootstock’s Acoustic Stage, where bewitching grapevine vistas and beautiful voices come together as one.