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Behind Great Men With No Fear, there is a French songwriter, Frederic Laval. Last year, the singer and guitarist took on the challenge of making his first album, alone, in his home studio. Thus appeared in early January 2020 “Old Loved Ones”, a collection of nine songs addressing themes such as the passage of time, illness, injustice, but also fear. This fear that the artist does not hesitate to highlight even in his pseudonym. In order to best support his texts, the guitar is raw, mainly acoustic, and the voice rather frontal. It is through these two elements that the songs are built, before being sublimated by different layers of arrangements.

Regarding his creative process, the composer from Bordeaux says he is inspired by Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens or Angelo De Augustine … Influences mainly from across the Atlantic; which undoubtedly led him to collaborate with the American Heather Hammers on the song “Between the Relief and the Pain”. It is now on stage that the artist intends to defend his project and extend the experience.