A Voice with Soul

Ever since June captivated audiences with her first performance on Nouvelle Star 2016, her loyal legion of fans continue to grow at a super-fast rate, possessed with making her queen of the airwaves. A Vence-born folk singer-songwriting with a life-affirming voice that commands to be listened to and loved, June is a breath of fresh, soulful air, guaranteed to make everyone’s ears smile. If you don’t believe us, check out her debut EP, ‘Passion Is A Time Killer’, released under her Bird & Beard moniker in 2014, and available on all download platforms.
With her star in ascension as an in-demand author of melodies (for major artists, as well as her output), throughout 2017, June is writing and recording her debut album, due 2018, the year her superstar career will go supernova.
Rootstock is delighted to have this great artist perform her set of rousing originals and cover songs. June is a singer who is guaranteed to lift everybody’s spirits with her intoxicating blend of soul, jazz, pop, rock and her own musical, magical je ne sais quoi. The highlight of the weekend? Wait and see….