Liv Monagham

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With original compositions written by singer Liv Monaghan and double bassist, Sava Medan, this minimalist jazz trio – with Srđan Ivanović on drums – are a bewitching blend of Parisian, Serbian and Bosnian influences that join forces beautifully. Based in Paris, Liv Monaghan’s Bird and Bass fuse elements of many diverse styles – Reggae, Jazz, Folk, Psychedelic, Pop and Rock – to create a sound unlike anything you would have heard of before – a perfect performer to embody the beauty of Pommard’s Clos Marey-Monge. Liv’s most-recent EP, Beauty in the Park, is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play, along with a video to her single, ‘Horses’, on YouTube. Liv’s set at Rootstock is not to be missed, so we’ll see you there! Want to hear more before you turn up at our cellar door? Check out