Mora mora

MORA MORA, a Malagasy expression meaning “gently, quietly”, is the personal story of healing and to tell it. Together with three other musicians, Joanne launched The Healer (2019), a first EP of five very different titles resting on the same story: the healing of the body and the spirit.

Tell us more about the story behind MORA MORA

Well, the project MORA MORA was launched with the release of our first single back in April 2018. But even before this official launch, we spent a lot of time thinking about this project. I actually started thinking about it after my accident, which happened more than two years ago. I spent many hours thinking about personal things. During this time of introspection, I had so many thoughts that I decided to write them down. In the meantime, we had already started to work on a common project with Vincent. He is our drummer but most of all he is my wingman. Together, we have brought MORA MORA to life, with help from talented musicians.

Where does the name MORA MORA come from?

It’s a Madagascan expression -where my parents come from-, it means “slowly, gently”. It really resonates with my personal experience. I really want to take the time, actually our time, to find the right formula. The relationship we both have with time, this is what really connects us, me and Vincent. We don’t want to run. We temper each other: when one of us is in a hurry, the other one cools him or her down. We have always leveraged this slowness, and this is why time has played in our favor so far. We stay sincere and loyal to our values.

Leah Cold

What are your upcoming projects for MORA MORA?

Last March, we released our first EP, “The Healer”. It marks the end of our first cycle. We are now working on the second cycle. To be honest with you, we don’t know yet where this will lead us. Are we going to release a new EP or our first album? Who knows?! This year, we worked together with OVASTAND for the setup of our summer tour. 2020 will be even more exceptional with the production of new titles and possibly a new tour. It will be in continuity with what we have already produced.

How is the ROOTSTOCK Association going to help you?

We are blessed for being chosen by the ROOTSTOCK Association and for this great support as we are building MORA MORA. It was a personal project. But now it is taking an unexpected dimension. When we released our first sounds, we realized that there was more to it. Our music could not be easily categorized in any style. Luckily, we were -and still are- well surrounded. My sister, Megane, is our manager. She has been supporting us from the very start. We need as much support as possible to assert ourselves on the alternative scene and we found it thanks to the ROOTSTOCK Association. Last summer, we had the chance to perform at the festival and next year, we will be recording in studio thanks to you guys.

What is your best memory from ROOTSTOCK?

Seeing Ibeyi! I used to dream that one day I would bump into them backstage and I did, at ROOTSTOCK 2019. This was completely incredible! We were so blessed. We really felt like we entirely fitted with the editorial theme of the festival. We had the chance to meet so many artists. This was one of the first music festivals where we were there as performers and we could not have asked for a better venue. So many magical memories!