Influenced and inspired by the emotive melodies of Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, Kings of Leon and Coldplay, Telegraph are three Parisian musicians who united in 2013 over a passion for old whiskeys, a strong sense of wanderlust among the wilderness and a desire to discover the world with only their music as the map. The trio’s wild folk music is fused with the energetic vibrations of modern rock, allowing the band to paint a vivid panoramic landscape of sound and color – as seen in their singles ‘Run With Wolves’ and ‘Broken Bones’. The band are on an adventure, they say. And thanks to the anthemic, infectious qualities of their music, they won’t be travelling on their adventure alone – their increasing legion of loyal fans will now follow them anywhere. We spoke with singer Julien Humez to discuss their Saturday July 14 performance at Rootstock 2018 and check the pulse of the band everyone will soon be talking about…

On the Road: Telegraph are on tour this Summer. Catch them at Rootstock 2018 on Saturday 14, 2018.

“This Summer we will play as many shows as possible…”

Q. Hi Julien. Tell us what you and the band are up to this Summer..

“We are going to play as many shows as possible this Summer – starting with the Rootstock festival! We will also take the time to finishing write some new songs at the same time. These past few months were very busy for us, recording and touring, so we will also go on vacation for few weeks and rest.”

“We like shows when something unexpected happens…”

Q. The band have an incredible live sound. What makes for an awesome Telegraph show? 

“Every show is different because the audience is different, so the quality of the show is always dependent on the location. But we always want the audiences to get the best of us each time. A great Telegraph show is a show where people connect with us and they connect with each other at the same time. Of course, we need to be great on stage and play our best music but it is the audience who decide if it’s gonna be an awesome show or not.”

Q. From what I’ve seen, the audiences go crazy at your shows. What’s the craziest thing you guys have done?

“We like shows when something unexpected happens! When we played at La Dame de Canton in Paris, we decided to play a few songs in the middle of the audience! The idea just came to us…so we did it! ”

Video Stars: Telegraph’s video for single ‘Run With Wolves’ has more than 30,000 views on YouTube.

Q. Can your fans expect any surprises at Rootstock 2018? 

“Ahah, it feels like you want to know some secrets here!”

Q. Yes!

“All I’ll say is … we think Rootstock 2018 will be a great place to play new songs in our set! We want to see how fans connect with our new songs…”

Band of Brothers:Matthieu Humez (keys), Julien Humez (singer), Maxime Fornareso (drums) complete the trio.

“We played at Le Point Ephémère for the final of the Sziget Festival contest and it was incredible…”

Q. You tour all the time. But what’s the best gig you played recently… and why?

“This one is easy! Recently, we played at Le Point Ephémère for the final of the Sziget Festival contest and it was incredible! We didn’t win the contest, but people showed us a lot of support and a love stronger than we’ve ever felt yet, so we immediately forgot the defeat. This contest helped us to create more proximity with our fans and they gave us more reasons to make music every day… so, thanks to them!”

“More people are joining the adventure every day…”

Q. After your Rootstock 2018 performance, what happens next?

“We will be touring, writing songs and probably will not shave for a while! Then we will go back into the studio to record a few songs, shoot our new music videos and continue to tell our story! We can see that more people are joining the adventure every day and they are excited about what will happen next. So are we!”

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Rootstock 2018: The festival arrives in Pommard July 13-15.

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